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Manifestation with Ho'oponopono

Manifestation is a simple yet effective tool in steering your life in a desired direction. Always for self improvement and the highest good for you. Many view manifestation as something only a few people may achieve, or others a quick fire way to get what you want. But what does it mean to you, and how can you harness the manifestation that you need?

For me personally, manifesting the future that is best for me comes down to having faith that the universe will provide, whilst doing enough "work" personally to enable the desired outcome. Not forcing situations to unfold is difficult and something that we often hold onto, a dream of a desired life, but much like the "Expectation" card in Kipper or the "Desire" cards in the Gypsy deck, if we do not take any action at all, it will remain at arms length.

The 3 Selves can help you on your manifestation journey.

The manifestation process begins at super conscious level, the level at which we are in blue phase, the level at which we are in void, with spirit. Our humanness in our subconscious triggers are what hinder any divine inspiration or manifestation taking place and the conscious mind is where we tell ourselves it can or cannot happen.

Operating at superconscious level takes practice and a determination to remove all triggers that come through the subconscious self.

Triggers are our emotional or gut response to information that is incoming. We react as per our "stored patterns" and therefore hinder the manifestation process. The key to any manifestation is not through positive thoughts in the conscious arena it is NO thoughts at conscious self, NO triggers at subconscious self and a pure super conscious process.

Achieving this state for manifestation can be as easy or as hard as your subconscious self would like to trigger. It is a process of letting go, setting the intention and then HAVING FAITH that it will work out in your best interests. For example, if you are seeking the best partner for you, do not try and manifest one person in particular, set the intention that you wish to manifest the BEST fit partner for you, imagine how warm and fluffy that would make you feel, imagine the pure bliss love you want to experience, SET A TIMEFRAME that is "doable" and then FORGET ABOUT THE INTENTION! (I will explain this further down!).

In short:

  • Understand what you want in your life that is attainable.

  • Imagine how that would make you feel.

  • Visualise the emotional responses and spiritual responses to that feeling.

  • Consider a timeframe that fits the intention (for example for a manifestation that seems impossible choose a longer timeframe).

  • Formulate a watertight sentence (for example: "My intention is to manifest the perfect partner for me, who will love me and wish to be with me within 12 Months from this date").

  • Relax

  • Do not think about it again. (How to do that coming up!).

  • BE OPEN TO ANY EVENTUALITY! The outcome may not be as expected - but will be AWESOME!

The hardest part of the manifestation process is having faith and letting go of that intention into the universe. It is important that you can focus on the FEELING of the outcome but not consider the "order" or "command" in itself.

Each time you find yourself considering the "order" or "command" or "intention", for example, any of the following thoughts ...... "Ok I have 12 months left, lets get to work on it"

"It may not happen"

"He is the perfect one for me, make him be mine"

"I ordered the perfect love, but did I do it right?"

........ clear your conscious self and subconscious self by saying the Ho'oponopono Prayer TO YOURSELF.

You are forgiving yourself for "forgetting" or "getting away from"superconscious self operation.

I love you

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

To be clear what you are understanding when you say this is:

I love you (self)

I am sorry (I forgot to operate at superconscious level)

Please forgive me (for getting carried away with my human self)

Thank you (self)

Your greatest manifestations will occur when you let go and allow superconscious self to work without the triggers of subconscious and conscious self <3

I love you - I am sorry - Please forgive me - Thank you.

See below for a Ho'oponopono Course if I have waked your interest!

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You may have come across the Hawaiian Art of Forgiveness in your travels, but do you really know what it means to be a Ho'oponopono Practitioner? We are not forgiving others, we are learning how to return to our spirit state and how to apply it to every day life and to the lives of your clients.

Ho'oponopono is a lifestyle and techniques that can improve a clients' life within minutes of you meeting.

Change your life - Change the lives of those around you - Become a Ho'oponopono Practitioner today!

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Carla Anderson
Carla Anderson
Nov 28, 2020

Thank you Toni!!


Raul Ts
Raul Ts
Nov 06, 2020

Toni just wonderful, thank you !!!!!! :)

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