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Pay it Forward - More Freebies!

As we enter the holiday period it is a time of the year that I get all squishy and excited for the possibilities ahead. It is also a time I reflect on just how grateful I am to everyone at the World Divination Association who really are allowing me to use cartomancy as therapy full time.

So... as a big fat thank you and a "cheers me dears"to you my lovely support peeps I have a few #payitforward items for you to enjoy and share with your friends and family.


  1. Pick A Card for December below.

  2. 40% OFF WDA BIG BANG TIER 2 - CLICK HERE - and use coupon YOUROCK

  3. Free Palmistry Course - CLICK HERE - and use coupon HAPPYADVENT!

  4. Free Ho'oponopono Course - CLICK HERE - and use coupon THANKU4BEINGU

  5. Free WDA Membership 1 yr - CLICK HERE - and use coupon BFFTHANKYOU


If you wish to send the above as a gift certificate to your friends - download the vouchers here:






So let's get onto December and what our end of year month has in store, what advice we can gain ... You know the drill - pick a pile of cards and read the description - easy as! Before we start - if you can remind me of the deck name I can tag the creator!! My brain not functioning!

Take a moment to decide where you are on the scale of "easy peasy" to "OMG the world just dropped through my feet" and choose a pile accordingly. Are you in a good place right now? Then Pile 1 is for you. Do you feel a little stuck? Check out Pile 2. Are you wanting to eat your head? Then please check out Pile 3!

You are always the one in control of that feeling and by acknowledging how you feel right now in this moment, it can begin to get better!


Did you choose PILE 1?

If you chose Pile 1 it already shows that you consider yourself to be on game and ready for the month ahead. Nothing major can rock your core when you are aware of your own self. The cards show you equally in control of your own situation and probably allowing the universe to send forth that which you require. At home within your own skin and considering what makes you happy in life will be a big part of the month. You will be considering what it is in your life that brings you true happiness and even maybe evening trying to manifest more for 2020. You have not had the easiest peasiest year as a whole, but you are happy to move into the next and leave any baggage behind. In fact, we see you have actively cut out any nonsense in the last few months and are itching for 2021 to be a stable, happy and positive year. The advice lies in the hidden cards, for December it is super important to look at what satisfies you (on top of what makes you happy) - what can you do to fulfil yourself as we end 2020? Try and find a way back to a hobby you left a while ago that actually brought you satisfaction, you may have forgotten how nice it is. Spend some time ruminating on what it was that you have left at the side a long long time ago, and how it could fit in your life today. Are you an avid reader, who just hasn't got into books this year? Or do you have balls of wool in the cupboard that haven't been touched in a while? Bring it back and spend just a little time considering why you let it go.


Did you choose Pile 2?

People, people, people.... how is it that some people can really put a spanner in the works? It seems your path of resistance has been led on a wide basis by others. Maybe advice that was unsolicited, "enemies" in the mix or just a general confusion of the intentions of others versus what their actions show. Your long term happiness depends on you and you alone. The people in your life cannot walk in your shoes, they do not have your understanding of the world or know what experiences have led you to this point. Quite brutally, the opinions of others is not needed in December, maybe let others "air" their thoughts but brush them off and make up your own mind!! People cannot choose your long term direction - you won't find answers by looking outside yourself - it is you - you are your own universe, you have all the answers within you (I know, I know how annoying that is when you just want someone else to tell you what to do or make the decision for you BUT it is true). The best advice I can give you is to focus on community but not on opinions. Surround yourself with good company, create a bubble around you of "good peeps" or just "similar peeps" who are on your wavelength, they will form a support group when needed, but for now, silence their opinions of your situation - for you alone can navigate you! An opinion is an advice in disguise - you need NEITHER right now. For the month ahead just know that you will come to a decision yourself, you will get where you want to be by the end of the month and you will indeed know better what to do by the time the clock strikes on December 31st.


Did you choose Pile 3?

So, before looking at the cards we know you are in a tangle. A right royal kerfuffle that you are struggling with. Like in Pile 2, we have a number of people with their fingers in your pie. We need to extract said fingers and try and figure out how you deal with it! We have obstreperous people throwing their weight around and you hoping for a quick fix and a better direction NOW. The important advice for you is to understand that this is a dispute. A situation that is in discord. One that is not stable. One that is not permanent. It will change. An olive branch will be released when needed or the dispute will pass into a mutual agreement. By the end of the month, the "crisis" as you see it now will have tamed from a tempest to a wet Wednesday in the Yorkshire Dales. It is stressful, but all stressful situations have to abate at some stage - we just have to know if we are going to lose our s**t and throw our toys out of the pram or if we are going to handle it like true ladies and gentlemen and send out the surrender flag (even if we don't mean it). Both ways the discord will lessen - the tempest will tame and you will move back into your own natural state of mind with a "oh well that is that done". Movement in this crisis situation is inevitable in December and it works out for the best for you, even if it doesn't feel like it right now - it has to happen and you will absolutely survive the storm. If you are struggling on any level, please feel free to post in the World Divination Association groups on Facebook - we are always around to lend an ear in a crisis.


Finally - come and join us spread some Christmas joy and New Year excitement next weekend:

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