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The Path of 7 - Escaping a tight spot!

There are many ways to use our divination tools to make the future a better place to live in, whether it be manifesting the best life possible or just getting out of a tight spot - your systems are there for you! For this you can use ANY SYSTEM!

Der Siebener Weg
The Path of 7 Spread

Sometimes in life we need a little strategy and perhaps a bit of cunning to get us out of a position (usually that we have managed to create ourselves) and the Path of 7 Spread is perfect for that!

Even better if you do a bit of deck mixing and allow your cards to surprise you along the way.

How to:

Choose a card from your favourite system that really covers your situation. For example, if you are mentally in a mess, the 9 of Swords or 33 Gloomy Thoughts would be appropriate, or perhaps you have become embroiled in a legal process and are feeling it is out of your control, in which case Lenormand 11 Whip would show the discord you are feeling (or even 21 Mountain showing your arch enemy / legal competition) - you know your deck, you know the situation - pull the best card from any system to represent your current tight spot.

  1. Mix your systems for the ultimate advice.

  2. Choose a card to show your current situation.

  3. Choose a card that you want to show the outcome you want, the Kipper Card 15 Good Outcome in Love is a good card to show a favourable outcome in any situation!

  4. Lay 6 cards to the right of your starting point.

  5. Read the cards from your starter significator to your outcome significator in a narrative fashion i.e. do this, then this, then this voilà !

  6. If you are an advanced reader, consider: A) How many cards come out of each system and what that tells you, B) Whether a significator falls for the querent and what that tells you, C) Whether a theme significator falls and what that tells you!


Your female querent is in a mess and doesn't know if she is making the right decision. She cannot explain her situation without calling it a "mess". Misfortune is the perfect card to use as a significator or Clouds in Lenormand or Sorrow in Kipper Cards. She wants to gain clarity on her situation, what better than the surety of Key! Feel free to experiment with different outcome cards to fit your needs!

From the above we see 3 Gypsy cards starting the advice steps and including the Significator for the Querent. It shows that Misfortune is behind her back in an inauspicious position, giving the advice that the querent should not be focusing on how "messy" it all is! Stop focusing on the mess, start focusing on how to get you message across in an effective manner and you will be able to decide on the right way, you will have to grieve for the situation (i.e. it will be painful) but you will then gain your clarity to move forward. In short - don't think of how bad it all is, think about what you want to achieve and the decisions will present themselves - painful yes - but the way to get you where you want to be.

A simple, yet effective and practical advice on how to move forward is the only requirement of the spread - don't get deep or philosophical just say what you see :)

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1 Comment

Raul Ts
Raul Ts
Nov 21, 2020

Hello TONI , great spread and even better with the mix of decks . I am going to try it. In point 4 it says that you lay 6 cards , should be to lay 5 cards between the starting situation and the outcome , if am not wrong.

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