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Welcome to my website! I have been working with spirit since I were a little girl and I continued to develop as I grew. Astral-Travel, Cartomancy, Channelling, Energetic Cleasning has always been a large part of my life and all forms of divination form the basis of my existence! I LIVE divination daily.

Whether you are wanting to see what will happen next year or need help getting out of a difficult situation, I am here for you and I care. I use a variety of systems from Lenormand, Kipper Cards, Gypsy Cards, Dowsing, Symbol Healing, Channelling, Mediumship, Feng Shui and much more! I have trained in every aspect of my offerings and can help you find your spiritual path. I have found mine and it is a rewarding experience to help you!

I teach students around the world the art of divination and healing modules, I give far over and above that which is asked of me because I understand this is your life - it is important and I care!


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My YouTube Channel contains something for everyone! If you are wanting to learn to read cards, the channel contains tutorials for Lenormand, Kipper Cards and Gypsy Cards. If you are hoping for a reading, make sure you subscribe to get a notification for my live reads!



The Divine World Awaits

The reading was great! It was provided earlier than expected. It was clear and detailed enough to follow along. Also, follow-up questions were answered in a clear and timely manner. I'm super impressed with the reading and highly recommend. I will definitely return in the future.

What My Clients are Saying


€15 starting

My readings are split into two categories, Channelled Reads and Predictive Reads. If you wish to delve into your innermost feelings, helping you sort out current issues in your life. then a Channelled Read is perfect for you If you wish to receive a predictive read of what will happen in the coming year, then a Predictive Reading is for you.

There is the perfect read for everyone.


Healing can be completed in many ways, a full body audit is the first step to finding the root cause of your problems. Whether they be karmic, energetic or real life aches and pains due to daily grind, distance healing can help you balance your energies here and now. Service Includes: Body Audit, Energy Audit, Blockage Removal, Energetic Treatment Plan, Symbol Healing, Pendulum Healing and more


This has become one of my most popular services, with clients from near and far scheduling sessions with me. During this special service, clients are able to clear all enegries that do not serve their best interests. Clear either home or personal energy fields from all negative influences. Includes Cord Cutting, Cleansing, Negative Energy Removal and more!


No Question Too Weird - Ask Away!


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