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A Simple Cross Spread - Descriptive Magnificence

There are so many variations to the simple cross spread that will serve you well in your reading life and a descriptive cross can be morphed into so many different entities its not even funny!

With the conference coming up on Saturday (our most fun party of the year at the World Divination Association) it is the perfect time to practice our "who will be" or "describe the person" or even "what are they going to present. The standard positions are shown with the centre card taking the "core description" interpretation. I suggest students practice these types of read on a daily basis, so when a client comes and says "who will be ...." or "who is ...." then you have a solid foundation of working knowledge of your system to deal with.

So let's have a look at interpretation and how we can use a system descriptively.

The Positions:

Core Description - the card that will describe the tell tale trait of that person.

Thoughts - What YOU think of that person?

(remember we are trying to describe who it could be / not what they are thinking!)

Feelings - How do YOU feel about that person?

Hiding - What trait of the person are you not seeing?

(this helps you think outside the box - could be an obvious trait of theirs but you have not thought of it)

Showing - What trait of the person are you seeing?


Example coming up!

As we are on the party week and only 2 DAYS to go, let's see if we can determine which speaker I will enjoy the mostest on the weekend!!

Intention: "Describe the speaker that I will most enjoy at the WDA Big Bang Manifestation Conference this weekend"

Note: No significators are chosen, any system is used!

I have used Lenormand (Lua Lenormand by Maree Bento of Divine Muses).

Core Description - 6 CLOUDS

Thoughts - 22 PATHS

Feelings - 16 STAR

Hiding - 33 KEY

Hiding - 26 BOOK

The cards suggest this is someone on the list of speakers who could be in crisis mode in their lives - probably a little unsure with the thunderclouds rocking in. I personally believe this person has made difficult decisions and feel that they have direction and probably psychic abilities in the mix. I probably see more of this person's character than others (with 26 Book sharing the secrets in that position) yet I maybe do not see how sure they really are - I probably am assigning more concerns about the conference into the mix than actually exist!

This is very clear to me, we have the wonderful Rana George who has been manifesting the health of a loved one during the run up to the conference. We are sending much love and prayers to her family every day. I will be most looking forward to watching her 2 hour special on the MANIFESTATION OF A LIFETIME!

Why not try this and post your images and descriptions in the WDA Groups:


Join us at the weekend! 2 Days left to bag your tickets!!!

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