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Lenormand GT Combinations

The Lenormand GT is the ultimate spread with your 36 card deck. It is the spread that most readers wish to conquer, and the one, as a teacher, I see most frequently misunderstood. There are so many wonderful books on the market for Lenormand, so many amazing teachers out there and the techniques open to you are wide and varied.

So, with all these wonderful teachings and literature, why does the GT remain the most misunderstood reading?

Teachers (like myself) can teach you the techniques, we can show you what methods we use to extract the basic information within the spread, but we cannot INTERPRET for you. That is an extra step that you, as a reader, have to walk alone!

The Techniques, Methods and Application are all wonderful to get you a baseline overview of the situation BUT you then need to analyse the interpretation and create a storyline of WHAT WILL HAPPEN in the coming months.

If you stick to the basic techniques and do not then interpret into real life, you have not completed the GT. You have only created a vague overview with no happenings.

THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY to interpretation - we can hold your hand, but we cannot force the move from basic technique to full blown reading. You have to first understand that there is an extra step that will be your step to take.

Watch me interpret a small portion of a GT - and ask yourself: Do you Interpret Events? Or do you just see an overview?

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