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The Long Long Road ... The Lenormand Tower Card

Many students struggle with the Lenormand Tower card when learning, mainly due to the wide range of interpretations assigned to the 19 Tower in books, blogs and learning resources. My favourite way to see Lenormand readers grow is to provide the original meanings of the card and allow them to grow THEIR OWN interpretations therefrom. Once we understand that core essence we can widen our vocabulary, just as if we were learning a language.

19 Tower, signifies a long and happy old age, but with clouds nearby, it forewarns of illness.

Decks shown: Polly's Sunset Lenormand / The Card Geek Lenormand / Björn Meuris Lenormand / Rana George Lenormand

The core meaning of Tower is therefore "LONGEVITY" - a long and happy life. Only when we add other cards does that change. If we then consider the core meaning and build a vocabulary around it we can suggest:

A long time, a long way, stable health, long, old age, sturdiness, healthy, constancy, endurance, permanence.

As we say in Germany the "Wortschatz" (word treasure / vocab) widens, we begin to apply this into readings and understand that whenever Tower comes into the mix it LENGTHENS or adds a sense of "constancy" in the interpretation. Then with multiple cards adding to the mix we gain our understanding of the situation as a whole. What will take a long time? Are we seeing distance? If Birds are in the mix, for example, are we seeing endurance with hard work? (yes Birds means putting some elbow grease in! - see original instructions if you don't understand why).

Just a short blog today, but a very long card :)

Join me in the World Lenormand Association group on Facebook or the World Divination Association group to practice more from the 19th century Lenormand archives!

Alternatively ... learn Lenormand so that it makes sense to YOU!

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