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Double Negative - Lenormand / Kipper Card Whoopsies

Do two wrongs make a right? In life we have situations that absolutely kick our behinds into the stratosphere (or at least it feels so when they hit) and we have days where absolutely nothing seems to be going right. I saw a post by Garth this week where he said he had had his "own personal Mercury Rx" and I thought - oh hell yes I know those days! It is good that we have cards to navigate trying days and also great that we do not put the lipstick on the negative ninny cards. We often see people ask in the World Lenormand Association whether the Coffin card will "end" the negative card that precedes it, or if it makes it worse. Similarly with the Fatality card in Kipper, how do we deal with double negatives in our spreads (or even a cluster from the gates of hell)?

No matter what system you are using, consider the cards that land as pertaining to the question at hand. If you have asked on your day ahead and have 6 out of 9 challenging cards, we have to presume that the day won't be a skip through the park. Doesn't mean that life as we know it is ending, it simply means that we will have a harder route through the day than if the sun was shining and a rainbow trailed our every move.

In addition, the spread chosen will help greatly in determining the overall "goodness" of an answer. In a linear read you are far more likely to become confused with double negatives than in a box spread for example.

Shall we enter the world of negatives? To make it more palatable, I am going to switch things up a little ... Let us first imagine a situation where things go wrong (and this is a true story of my life lol) then we will mix the systems up to understand how we deal with the nasty cards.

Once upon a time, I woke from my slumber to the sounds of "f******* hell", such a lovely wake up call, I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to find our basement almost entirely covered with poo. Dripping down the walls from a pipe and into the floor in a puddle of disgusting mess that hit my gag reflex in a second. I double stepped the stairs to get back to the top, catching my shin on the marble stairs as I did. Brilliant - Imagine that as your FIRST NEGATIVE CARD. Could it get worse? Of course it could, I have kids and animals too! I walk into the bathroom as my youngest is cleaning his teeth, just in time to hear him gagging before vomiting into the sink (I am sorry TMI I know - this is your SECOND NEGATIVE CARD!), I turn round to get a towel and anything, anything at all to clean the mess up and looked on the floor to see a big fat poo that my Pomeranian DJ had left as a gift (THIRD NEGATIVE CARD). The day was not a bed of roses, in fact it was a pile of plop and it was a day that just kept on giving. None of those situations would have been showing as a positive in my day, none of the situations could be covered by a good card (unless you look at DJ's gift as a positive expression of her love for me??).

Consider this now with your cards, you are asking for specific situations to be shown to you or an overall "sense" of what is to come. If you have a negative card followed by a negative card - you have two negative cards - two cards to suggest "meh".


Some readers would say that "confusion is ending swiftly" - but does it?? From the original instructions we know that whenever Clouds is present it rocks the rest of the cards showing, Coffin is rocked - Scythe is rocked! When Coffin appears we know it brings illness with - creating an "illness" between Clouds and Scythe... and don't even get me started on Scythe! Our danger card ending the line ... dangerous, treacherous and (if Snake nearby) even vicious at times. We have what one would refer to as a "clusterf**k" - a difficult situation that will bring with it sudden and debilitating illness! Imagine you had pulled these cards in answer to a "I have applied for a promotion at work, what will happen with my application" ..... if you take the "confusion is ending swiftly" route, you will be doing your querent a disservice, when the situation of the application is not going to have the end result of a job being offered. Think of the negative negative negative spreads as an opportunity to then ask:

"What action can my querent take to change that outcome into a more favourable application?"


"What can the querent do during interview to better their chances at a job"

YOUR TURN! Using a mixed bag of systems - The images below show 3 x lines of 3.

Line 1 - "My day ahead" - Fatality - Sorrow - Falseness

Line 2 - " What will happen at work?" - Loss - Dishonesty - Short Illness

Line 3 - "What does he feel about the querent?" - Cross - Tower - Coffin



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