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Screw the cards

Do you find that you struggle to read for yourself?
Do you worry when you see difficult cards?

...... read on!

In our life with cards and predictions we often spend time laying for what the day or week has in store and then looking back to see how it attended in our lives. This is great practice and a way in which we can apply real life situations into our system of choice. We also ask advice, the best step forward and even how to behave in any given moment. Every card we lay, every spread contains a little unique view of the situation in which we find ourselves and a lesson that we can learn about interpretation.

During the courses I teach, I have many students saying that they cannot read for themselves or that they cannot "see" the cards clearly when it is their own situation being shown.

They are surprised when I reply ..... “screw the cards”.

Our conscious or subconscious reaction to the cards presenting is the only difference in reading for ourselves versus reading for others. We can read in quite a detached manner for others, reading the negative along with the positive, so why do we not apply this same detachments in our own readings?

My approach to the cards ...

The cards do not define me or my life, if I want to go ahead with an action even after receiving advice on doing the opposite … I will do it. I won’t take no as an answer if it is something I really want to do, I also won’t allow my clients to take no as an answer if it is something they feel strongly about. Now we aren’t talking life and death scenarios here, clearly if I needed to seek medical advice I WOULD, if I were in a toxic situation (or my client was) I would seek advice on the best way out, but say I wanted to write a book and the cards showed a OMG don’t do it … I would sit down and write said book if the strong urge was within me. Sometimes, we need to take control of our lives and live in real time and this means putting your cards down for a while from time to time.

There is no shame in putting your cards aside and living spontaneously, you will be amazed at how refreshing it is and the positive effect it has on your reads! There is no shame in looking at the cards and saying “screw you!” and doing whatever daft thing it is you are going to do … that is life, that is character building and that is experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly. We are not meant to go through life without bumps, without self expression or without making mistakes … human-ness has to come into play at some stage.

So, I rarely lay cards regarding my own life because I don't feel the need to, if a time comes that is turbulent or I want a specific piece of information, I will pull a predictive GT and I will just take note of what is being told of the future. If I feel it is a future I do not want, I will ask an advice on what actions I can take to change it, if it is a future that sits OK within me, then I will just say thank you and go about my normal life.

If we do not have a neutral view of the cards within our system it is easy for anxiety and concern to modify our actions, if we receive the Tarot Tower card within our day we cannot worry for the rest of the day that we need to avoid said Tower… unless it is one that is easily avoidable. As an example, I have often been shown that I have forgotten specifics within a day, an appointment, a lesson or similar, which jolts the memory and I remember - oh goodness yes - I have to remember I am live tonight at 6pm! Otherwise, if it is a doom and gloom day, I just think “oh well - good to know and I will figure it out!” … or if I am concerned, I will lay a spread on how to navigate said situation with ease … I won’t allow myself to be pulled into a narrative that creates thoughts or feelings on the day that is to come.

Long story short … give your brain a break from time to time, experience life and enjoy the here and now … the future will come anyway, you will handle the future with or without cards … then pick them back up after your short break and see the difference in your reads! This is the key to detachment - being removed from the answer you are receiving - the key to not being subconsciously or consciously attached to a read … removing all triggers within self so that you can read for yourself in any difficult situation and the world not ending with it! Many readers struggle to read for themselves, if we can detach from any situation, we can read on anything.

If you struggle to detach, put the cards down for a while and do this FREE course … Ho’opono pono as a way to better reading for self.

... after you have Ho'opono pono'd for a while ... lay some cards and tag me on social media @thecardgeek

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Apr 03

Hello there Toni, this is just what the doctor ordered. I love how your unique voice comes through so strongly in your writing. And I agree wholeheartedly too. Since WDA members hang out on Facebook so much, I've decided to write a reply here. Why? - Just because. Fond greetings from Augsburg to the magical Ireland. SuSa

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