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Lenormand 14 Fox is not your job!

...... unless your job drives you crazy!!?

Here is a little background on why I fight the 14. Fox's corner so heavily in the Lenormand Community, it is not because I want to have a contest on who can shout the loudest or want to swing my Lenormand ego around - it is because I want to do readers a service and help them understand the system.

Don't get me wrong, I know I have an ego, we all have an ego and sometimes I do find the monster within bubbling, but it is generally when I see the systems that I fell in love with changed beyond recognition and morphed into a loose and confusing floweriness.

So why does 14. Fox NOT signify your job?

If you are shouting at me through your phone or laptio that "The French School Teaches us that ........." then read my blog on the myth of Lenormand Schools before commenting!

There are many reasons I really really really dislike seeing the "JOB" interpretation of Fox, but I will try and keep it brief.

Let's take a look at the early instructions:

The Game of Hope ca. 1799 states

"14. Fox. The sly Fox drives the Player insane who then must find refuge back in the Forest No. 5"

Lenormand Instructions ca. 1850

"Fox, if this card is close, beware of acquaintances, someone seeks to deceive us. Far away there is no danger."

Neither of the above meanings would give a suspicion of a "job" card (in fact I direct you to my Lenormand Schools blog again if you do not know what COULD be considered a work card!).

On top of this obvious disparity, if you DO use the 14. Fox as the "Work" card how will you ever know if there is "wrongness" or "deceit" in the workplace?? I know, I know you will say things like Snake or the grief of Cross etc....... but seriously the negativity of a negative card being changed into a neutral work card will mean that you NEVER are sure whether it is work or deceit without using intuition to tell you so (yes intuition is wonderful absolutely wonderful but would it not be best served if you used your intuition to explain the deceit in full!!? rather than determining IF it is deceit or work!? ).

The reason I stand up for the original instructions and follow them so closely is that you cannot really then be wrong!!! 14. Fox will always show something wrong within a situation and you then use the cards around to find out what is wrong and what nuances of deceit are we looking at!?

The wider the range of interpretations available - the less you are using the Lenormand language and more you are relying on gut feeling and intuition to tell you the basics that you should know BEFORE you even use it! Your intuition is then applied on top to nail down the happenings and EXACTLY what the deceit is.

The only way I could possibly crowbar this into being a job is if you are in a really dishonest form of job or totally in the wrong position!

Just because one author wrote that 14. Fox meant job - doesn't mean it does - just because many other authors followed suit (without researching) doesn't mean it is correct - you cannot substantiate something that was incorrectly interpreted in the first place by claiming it is "tradition" in a certain country. it is following blindly and not forming your own research.

My final words are this .... form your own Lenormand vocabulary by practising daily and understanding how the original instructions (core meanings) of the card apply to your day - if you do not have your own copy of the early Lenormand Instructions join our Facebook Group and download! World Lenormand Association on Facebook.

There are many levels of wrongness and many deceitful nuances that if you add your intuition to the top and analyse the cards falling close you will understand as clear as day without having to assign a meaning that doesn't even come close to fitting (not even with the largest bargepole or crowbar).

........and finally (because I cannot stop myself), if anybody tries to teach you Lenormand using meanings that do not even "touch" on the core meaning of a card ... find another teacher, find somebody who will teach you the foundations and from where you can then create a whole Lenormand vocabulary of your own.

Keep the system simple and your reads will be spot on :)

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