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A short 3 card read to get to the bottom of small conundrums or just get a yes/no answer.



Method: Sent via email in Word format (or pages if you are an Apple peep)


Why choose me for your reading?


I am Founder of the World Divination Association and Author of The Card Geek's Guide to Kipper. I have been reading cartomantic systems for over 30 years.


My attitude to reading is very practical, if you are looking for a flowery "your energies will be orange next month" read then I am NOT your girl! I am a predictive reader who bases reads on REAL LIFE. What is going to happen and what will be the effect on your life. I will not be beating around the bush!


All reads are sent to you in Word format via email, so you can track the months as they pass. I am always open for questions.


The Process:

  • You choose a theme for your read or produce a question.
  • I ask any pertinent questions for players involved.
  • I lay the cards.
  • I perform your reading.
  • I send to you.
  • You read.
  • You come back to me with clarification questions.
  • I answer.
  • You wait for the future to unfold.
  • You come back for more!



Note: No refunds available after commencement of read. You are paying for my time.



​Voted No. 10 best Tarot Reader Worldwide 2015.

Predictive Reading - 3 Cards

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