The Year Ahead GT is a deep dive into a month by month breakdown of what you can expect to happen! We can break it down into Relationship, Work, Finances or any other theme you want to know about...


Will you get the job? When will you move? Will he return? So many questions can be answered.


Method: Video Call


Why choose me for your reading?


I am Founder of the World Divination Association and Author of The Card Geek's Guide to Kipper. I have been reading cartomantic systems for over 30 years.


My attitude to reading is very practical, if you are looking for a flowery "your energies will be orange next month" read then I am NOT your girl! I am a predictive reader who bases reads on REAL LIFE. What is going to happen and what will be the effect on your life. I will not be beating around the bush!


All reads are sent to you in Word format via email, so you can track the months as they pass. I am always open for questions.


The Process:

  • You choose a theme for your read or produce a question.
  • I ask any pertinent questions for players involved.
  • I lay the cards.
  • I perform your reading.
  • I send to you.
  • You read.
  • You come back to me with clarification questions.
  • I answer.
  • You wait for the future to unfold.
  • You come back for more!



Note: No refunds available after commencement of read. You are paying for my time.


Predictive Read - Year Ahead!

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