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Naturally a Kipper Deck to match the book! My Kipper Deck has been based on the directional cues of the 19th Century Kipper Deck, you don't need to use the transposed versions any longer!


The modern feel of my deck reflects my application of a traditional system within a 2018 space. Sleek, simple and down with the kids!Available NOW! This 36 Card Kipper Deck based on the Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten from the 19th Century. The directions have been recreated to match those of the very first deck - read like a 19th Century Bavarian reader - perhaps like Frau Kipper herself!

Every deck comes with a translation of the original Kipper instructions translation, the directional read is fully present in a modern and fun deck.


​Shrink Wrapped

Kipper Cards

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