Do you wish to improve the energies in your home? Cure any blockages and make sure that you have the right flow of chi for maximum energy in Love, Money and Family?

This is the report for you!

Feng shui, also known as Chinese geomancy, originates in China. We use energetic flow to harmonize you and your environment.


All you need to do is provide the following:


  • House / Flat Floor plans
  • Direction (you only need to mark North)
  • Your Date of Birth (including year)



I will then identify positive versus negative flow in the environment and suggest strategies and remedies in order to balance both..


With every home or office’s design + Feng Shui audit I will make recommendations for enhancements of the positives and balancing of the negatives - but the choice is always yours to implement.


The goal is to create harmony which results in joy and abundance in every life area.


You will receive a report including marked up floor plans so any changes can be made at your end.


No refunds after completon.

Feng Shui Audit

94,00 €Price