You want to know if your partner loves you? or find out someone's true feelings for you? This is the read for you!

What are his intentions?
What does she feel about me?
What is he thinking?
Why is he like that?
What does she want from me?

All answerable!


What does the future of your relationship look like?

Founder of the World Lenormand Association and World Kipper Association I teach students the art of Cartomancy and have happy clients worldwide – no matter where you are or what you are hoping to find out – I am here to read for you!

The best reads are those that are set to a specific area of your life, we can of course complete a “general” read for the coming months but if you have certain aspects you would like to focus on that narrows down the read and becomes a dissection of that area, for example Work, Relationship, Finances etc.

Both Lenormand and Kipper Cards are exact and to the point, this is not a flowery spiritual read, this is a drill down of the months to come showing both good times and bad! 

How I work:

You: Buy a read and send through the area of your life that you would like to look at
I: Lay the cards on this subject and return to you
You: Provide feedback and questions pertaining to the read
I: Answer your questions using the spread laid

More Info:
This is an emailed reading on a person of your choice.
The read includes images of the cards and layout for your ease of reference

Does He/She Love Me? Reading

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