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Book a Distance Healing with me.


I work with Symbol Healing, Pendulum Healing, Radistesia and Quantum Healing to get to the root of your health concerns. 


This is not a substitute for medical attention.


How it works:

  • You purchase a healing session or block of sessions
  • I complete a full body scan and energetic scan 
  • I dowse the root areas to be handled
  • I confirm the path to be taken (Symbols / Pendulum etc) and send the path to you for your agreement.
  • I schedule the healing session in and confirm when complete
  • You give feedback 


Please note - There may be a need for specific energetic work such as cutting cords, meditation, cleanses etc - it is within the best interest of the healing session to follow any instructions I give.


No refunds - You are paying for my time and effort - I cannot and would never give a 100% guarantee for a positive turnaround on a health situation - I will, however, always give you my best attention.

Distance Healing

85,00 €Price