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I am Founder of the World Divination Association and Master Teacher. I Teach students around the world the art of card reading and personally teach the healing arts.



Dates: Anytime!

Location: Facebook Classroom - complete in your own timezone

Certificate: Students receive a Certificate upon succesful completion.


All you need to know about Stop Cards and Stop Card Techniques! Remove your concerns and learn these easy techniques that will change your Kipper read from an OK entity to an AWESOME experience for your querent - no questions will be left unanswered!


You will learn:

Stop Cards

Stop Card Techniques

Stop Card Spreads!


You will be in a private facebook group with me and we will work through your reads together! Feedback on every exercise :)



My other courses:



Kipper Cards 301

Location: Facebook Classroom - complete in your own timezone

Certificate: Students receive a Certificate upon succesful completion. Learn the techniques needed to perform a sound Grand Tableau read (all 36 cards).In this course we will lay a 36 card Grand Tableau in the 9 x 4 layout and work through the techniques you need to read using the Bavarian Kipper Reading Method (TM). Join Toni Puhle, Author of The Card Geek's Guide to Kipper Cards in a Facebook Classroom and resolve all your Kipper GT issues. Work day by day to perfect your GT.Course includes:5 step by step lessons (Video & Handouts) to laying the GT


Symbol Healing

The Course is held in a Facebook Classroom - 5 Lessons

This course is a first of it's kind and will run live once in 2019 - make sure you have your seat reserved!

Symbols and "New Homeopathy" is a fresh way to produce great effects, whether you have a problem that you would like to treat or your would like to help others with distance healing - Symbols are the perfect method - and so easily applicable!

We by no means replace the need for a doctor, but this is a good format for aiding the healing process on many levels.

This Introduction to Symbol Healing includes:

Which Symbols are of use?



Colour Frequencies

Dimensional healing


And more!


Pendulum Healing

Course held in a facebook classroom. Do you want to use your Pendulum for healing? Learn all you need to know to start the healing process both in person and distant.Vibrational Healing with the Pendulum can help you with anything from exhaustion to depression - just be open to the many uses. On this course we use the basics of Radiesthesia that you have learned on Pendulum Level 1 and start applying those techniques on the human system.Course Includes: Vibrational Diagnosis Healing with Frequencies Programming your pendulum for a specific health problemDistant HealingAND MORE! The course comes with a certificate for successful students. 


If you with to learn Lenormand, Petit Etteilla, Tarot de Marseille, Cartomancy, Bone Reading and more then .....

see www.worlddivinationassociation.com 


Courses are non-refundable once the course has started.




Kipper Cards Level 2

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