Channelled Reads differ from the Predictive Reads in that we are channelling direct messages through divinational methods.


I am a natural born Medium, I have worked and communicated with spirit from an early age - I have trained and worked hard for the connection and I never rest on my laurels. A channelled read will look into your life right now, what may not be going to plan and how you can propel yourself on your spiritual path.


Whether you want to be a High Priestess or just get on with meditation and chakra healing, this is the read for you.


Reads are completed via FB Messenger Video / Whatsapp / FaceTime and we chat beforehand to find out exactly what it is you are hoping to achieve from the reading.


We work on your emotional and esoteric being to ascertain your best step forward on your spiritual path.


Always completed with love from above.


Refunds are not available after reads sent.

Channelled Reading

94,00 €Price