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What will you manifest in 2021? - PICK A CARD

The Ice-cream Oracle is one of my favourite fun decks and to find out a manifestation direction it is a great choice!

Do you know what you really should be manifesting for the new year coming in? Do you know what to let go of?

Let's find out :) Take a few moments to look at the back of the cards (image below) and choose card 1, 2 or 3 as your manifestation direction for 2021.

If you are a Marvel fan you will recognise the inevitable .... get it? Comments if you do :)

What do you need to manifest or what direction will your manifestation take in 2021? Which ice-cream floats your boat?

Card 1 - Card 2 - Card 3 ???

Warning the answers are coming up just below this totally appropriate gif ....

Ready for your card? Or need one more?




Ice cream oracle - Orange

If you chose card 1, you are in for a personal treat in 2021 and you will be brimming with everything you need to feel great about yourself. You need to manifest that self confidence - the glow that has been lost over the years and a little self kindness to boot. If you chose this card, it is time to focus on manifesting the little things that grow your self worth and in turn your zest for life. Start by affirming your worth "I am great" or "Wow check me out" on a regular basis and if you fall prey to self negativity get yourself a nice mantra to say instead! Manifestation of self confidence does not have to be difficult, just start being a little kinder to you - YOU ARE AWESOME - I LOVE YOU!



It is time to take responsibility for your position on the earth plains. Taking responsibility in situations is the first step to healing the hole within. As soon as we understand our part in a situation we can take control and gain independence no matter how hard it may seem. It is time to heal old wounds and allow your part in the story to let go and move forward. Whatever baggage you are carrying, you can ease by saying "This is my life and I take responsibility". If manifestation comes difficultly, which it often does when we are emotionally hurt or carrying baggage (ours or from others), then buy yourself a manifestation tool, a Daruma for example, and focus your intention on what responsibility you will take in 2021.



If you chose Card 3 it is time to rock those big girl (or boy) pants and step into the realms of inspiration. 2021 is time to manifest the projects that you have been dawdling on, stepping out of your comfort-zone into a charcoal licorice flavour pot. Write a list of what you want to achieve in 2021 project wise and set a priority of what you achieve first. Do you want that publishing deal? Or just to start a project? Whatever stage you are at, place an order with the universe and set a timescale within 2021 for your project to become tangible (or even profitable) - you have got this - The dice are rolling in your favour - all you have to do is set the groundwork!


Which card did you choose? Join us in the World Divination Association Group on Facebook and share!

Alternatively - join the WDA ALLSTARS at the next Manifestation Conference:

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