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What is this course? Lenormand Rocks

Lenormand from Scratch you say? This has to be the same content as we have already seen, or is it? You may have seen my posts on the "all new" Lenormand from Scratch course and thought, well I already have this in the bag...... but do you?

In this course I have revisited the way we teach Lenormand to form an easy but challenging way to read the Lenormand Cards. If you do not know the vertical interactions of your Lenormand System - now is the time to get onboard with a clear and easy to follow step by step guide to reading Lenormand like a boss!

Lenormand From Scratch only 32$

Register now with the tarot summer school


🌵Horizontal interactions 🌵Vertical interactions 🌵Interpret the cross spread with vertical influence 🌵Placements AKA Houses! 🌵Tarot & Lenormand mix

If you want to benefit from more courses (including an imaging Casting course by Carrie Paris!!) make sure you sign up for the Season Pass and widen your divination toolbelt!

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