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Nova Oracle - Old School Fortune Telling

It is a sunny afternoon in Bavaria, the birds are tweeting and the Nova Oracle is on the table. When I opened the deck (a surprise for my birthday - thank you Lisa!) I instantly knew - this was the one. The "modern" yet "old skool" deck rolled into one, and it has a sense of humour to boot.

I rarely write deck reviews, unless a lovely deck creator friend has sent me a copy, so why does the Nova Oracle get my attention, and why do I spend my precious time explaining just why you need it?

Back to my roots

The vibe when you open the oracle is "19th century Fortune Telling Cards", the meanings doc itself reminiscent of the early Lenormand, Kipper, Gypsy Card or similar system instructions. Each card with a short description of its meaning - short and sweet. It is not just the succinct nature, but also the "tell a good story" type of advice that the early Fortune Telling cards came with (specifically those manufactured between 1799 and 1850). Fortune Telling as a "game" - fun companionship with a centre around "regaling your audience with amusing tales". This does not negate the art of prediction, it just "markets" it and makes it available in all polite society.


If that isn't enough to capture your attention, the Nova Oracle also has it's roots in system, there are BLACK cards for a positive or "auspicious" type read i.e. these will work for you, and then RED cards for a negative or "inauspicious" type read i.e. these will work against you! There is no nuance of misunderstanding, if all red cards attend then you have a warning on your hands in the situation! No putting lipstick on that pig! It is going to be a tough scenario!

Modern twist

Now we have all the things I love, add to that a modern day twist! With cards such as "Superstar", "Computer" and "The Factory" there is a practicality expressed that fits perfectly in every day life.

As I say, I don't usually do reviews, but I seriously hope to see more of these in our groups on facebook!

If you do end up purchasing a copy - make sure you tag me in on your reads and mention me when you make your order (I don't get anything for it don't worry! Just good for a deck creator to know they are valued and their decks are awesome!).

Thank you for reading - Let me know your facvourite Modern / Old School decks!

See you next time!


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Bob Zimmerman
Bob Zimmerman

Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I did all the illustrations in the deck, adhering to the very explicit and brilliant direction of Mr. Grygny, who invented the system. It is a tribute to his insight that after 40 years on the market, they're still generating such positive responses!


Raul Ts
Raul Ts

Looks very nice. I like the twist of black and red cards for positive or negative . How many cards does this Oracle have ?

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