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Kipper Card Meanings

The Kipper meanings below are based on the earliest deck instructions, they will give you the information you need to start reading your Kipper Cards. Please do not jump in Lenormand or Tarot style though, take time to check in on my "How to Read" section and if you still need more help, take a look at my YouTube Channel and of course buy my book! The Card information is best viewed on a desktop.

** Note ** The Card Geek's Kipper Deck illustrated here is based on the directional cues in the first Kipper deck in 1890 (I am lucky enough to own a copy) - if your deck differs to the directions shown below please use your directional cues - the information / core meanings of the cards are the same, the reading direction will differ i.e. your reading will take you in a different direction - all decks can be used as long as you consider their directional cues.


1. Main Character / 1. Hauptperson

The Querent - The Person asking the question or their partner

1. Main Character (MC1) will always be a person, there is no core meaning to this card other than it being the person the read is referring to or a "player" in their lives.​

2. Main Character / 2. Hauptperson

The Querent - The Person asking the question or their partner

2. Main Character (MC2) will always be a person, there is no core meaning to this card other than it being the person the read is referring to or a "player" in their lives.​


3. State of Marriage & 4. Convene

3. Marriage / 3. Ehestand

3. Marriage is a connector card, it connects the two flanking cards and explains the state of their connection. If positive cards are around and the card is ahead of the MC then we see a positive connection, however, behind the Main Character's back and with challenging cards it could mean separation.

4. Convene / 4. Zusammenkunft

4. Convene is a connector card, it connects the two flanking cards to explain when/where the Querent will be most at one with their fellow beings, coming together at a party or having a meeting with like-minded business peeps. Joy, happiness and harmony surround the querent when they are with their clan.


5. Good Gent and 6. Good Lady

5. Good Gent / 5. Guter Herr

5. Good Gent brings good news when nearby and not surrounded by ominous cards. Check the cards around for his nature. He can be a mentor, boss, father figure or just 6. Good Lady's partner in the spread.

6. Good Lady / 6. Gute Dame

6. Good Lady brings joy in relationships when falling ahead of, or above the MC, falling behind this is a relative, who means annoyance. Like our Good Gent she can be a mentor, boss, motherly figure or the 5. Good Gent's partner in the spread.


7. Letter 8. Dishonesty 7. Brief 8. Falsche Person

7. Letter / 7. Angenehmer Brief

7. Letter isn't always pleasant, as the German title suggests. It means happy tidings when it falls ahead or above of the MCs falling behind these cards it means slander, grief and worry.  7. Letter is a stop card and thus stops the flow of the read, if you want to know if positive or negative tidings, look to the cards around and whether auspicious or inauspicious placement.

8. Dishonesty / 8. Falsche Person

8. Dishonesty means misfortune and danger when close to the MCs, further away it means loss, hypocrisy, betrayal to fear Not a person card, look at the card that lies behind the door in the imagery (on my deck to the right) to see who or what is wrong in the situation. The dishonesty will have an effect on the card in her line of sight (my deck to the left).


9. Change / 9. Eine Veränderung

9. Change means changes of all description, the closer to the MC in the spread, the sooner the change will occur. This is a movement card, the card that falls behind is where the change begins and falling after is where the change is heading to or the outcome of the change. Check the imagery on your deck, in my deck the change starts to the right and moves to the left. Showing the changed situation to the right.

10. Journey / 10. Eine Reise

10. Journey means journeys of all types, whether a life journey or a trip to Mallorca. If this card is surrounded by positive cards it means a good, happy journey, if no good cards are nearby the journey will be fraught with inconveniences. The Journey begins with the cards beneath the Journey card and moves diagonal to the card above right (in the deck shown). You can therefore determine the start and the end of the journey.


11. Win Lots / 11. Viel Geld Gewinnen

11. Win Lots ​when nearby, one will receive great wealth through fortunate undertakings, however when distant it means the opposite. This is a stop card and literally means that we receive lots, but don't forget context, this means total abundance referring back to the question asked.

12. Rich Girl / 12. Reiches Mädchen

12. Rich Girl ​tells of a happy life, if surrounded by bad cards it signifies family sorrow. She can be your best friend or your worst frenemy, she can be a colleague, sister, non-serious girlfriend or a real pain in the backside, the cards around and her placement in the spread will tell you more.


13. Rich Gent / 13. Reicher Guter Herr

13. Rich Gent brings good news and Luck when not surrounded by harmful cards. He is similar to the 12. Rich Girl in that he can be your best mate but also a rival. He is also a financial dude, showing financial transactions and career paths. He can be your brother, a colleague, a friend or a rival depending on his placement in the spread.

14. Sad News / 14. Traurige Nachricht

14. Sad News when close to the MCs it means it won’t be long before something unpleasant comes along. The cause of the sad news is behind her back (in my deck to the left) and the card ahead of her is what is effected by the sad news. It is a negative experience and anything that makes our shoulder hang low in disappointment or similar.


15. Good Outcome in Love / 15. Guter Ausgang in der Liebe

15. Good Outcome is a super shiny card as long as 8. Dishonesty doesn't fall nearby, if Card 8 is nearby, one must deal with obstacles and deceit. 15 signifies friendship, love and things turning out as they should. Refer the answer of "good outcome" back to the question asked - context remember! A stop card.

6. His Thoughts / 16. Seine Gedanken

16. His Thoughts means ​the thoughts of somebody, you are interested in, are good as long as cards 8, 14, 23, 24, 29 and 30 are not close by. 16 also shows planning and preparing and of course romance! If you want to know where his thoughts lie, look to the card above right (where cupid is in the imagery), this card will give you that information! A stop card.


17 A Gift 17. Geschenk Bekommen 18 Infant 18 Ein Kleines Kind

17. A Gift / 17. Geschenk Bekommen

17. Gift close to the MCs shows a Gift. It can be gifts of all shapes and sizes, we can determine the gift by looking to the cards above and below, the card above shows the origin of the gift or surprise and the card below shows what/whom will benefit from it.

18. Child / 18. Ein kleines Kind

18. Child shows a child in the family or anything "new". It can show a baby will come soon, however, should an inauspicious card be nearby, there will be annoyance, sorrow and worry. Think of how a child can be so playful but then shortly afterwards, throw a tantrum!


19 Ein Todesfall 20 Haus

19. Fatality / 19. Ein Todesfall

Traditionally, 19. Fatality when close by an MC shows there will be a fatality in the family, if card 21 falls immediately nearby the fatality will take place quickly and unexpectedly. It shows endings of all descriptions, highly directional too so we can determine exactly what is ending - look to the card diagonal left below to see what will be ended once and for all!

20. House / 20. Haus

20. House traditionally near the MCs means fortune and Blessing in all undertakings, a stable life for the MC. House is where we come from and where we identify with, an actual building or a neighbourhood can be shown, it can show the office in which you work or a stability that you enjoy. Housee is our security and firm sense of belonging somewhere. Stop card


21. Wohnzimmer 22. Military Person Kipperkarten Kipper Cards

21. Living Room / 21. Wohnzimmer

21. Living Room near the MCs shows whether good or bad is coming, see the cards surrounding. 21 is where we feel comfortable, it is the interior of our homes or our cubicle in a larger office, it is the space in which we feel most like ourselves. 21 is our private sphere and anything internal or comfortable. A stop card.

22. Military Person / 22. Militärperson

21. Military person can also be a friend or relation or anybody who wears a uniform and follows the rules. He can also mean that misfortune is on the horizon but mostly that we need to follow the rules and put a stop to anything untoward. He is a stop card.


23. Court / 23. Gericht

23. Court traditionally means legal proceedings will be experienced. When in an auspicious placement we can expect a good outcome but behind the MCs back we see a negative outcome or judgement against you. 23. Court can also show decisions are being made - a stop card.

24. Theft / 24. Diebstahl

24. Theft in an auspicious placement shows a loss that will be recovered, inauspicious placement shows a loss that will not be retrieved. 24. Theft shows where the theft begins (behind her back) and it has an effect on the next card (to the right in this deck), it is therefore easy to see what is being taken.or lost.


25. High Honours / 25. Zu hohen Ehren kommen 26. Great Fortune 26. Großes Glück

25. High Honours / 25. Zu hohen Ehren kommen

25. High Honours means you will receive High Honours when it lands. close to the MC, further away it makes everything true that lays around it. It is a lovely card of respect and a good old "pat on the back" after a great job done.

26. Great Fortune / 26. Großes Glück

26. Great Fortune is the trump card in the deck and it shines it's unexpected great fortune on the cards around. The card to the left gains the greatest fortune but it does shine on all the others touching it too. It turns any situation into a positive one.


27. Unexpected Money / 27. Unverhofftes Geld 28. Expectation 28. Erwartung

27. Unexpected Money / 27. Unverhofftes Geld

27. Unexpected Money traditionally means sudden great joy. It has a karmic feel of an upturn that is most deserved, whenever 27 comes into your spread you can expect a positive improvement that really wasn't expected - things will go better than you thought! When in an inauspicious placement it can mean we spend a little more than expected! A stop card

28. Expectation / 28. Erwartung

28. Expectation shows our deepest expectations and aspirations. The cause of the deepest desire sits behind her back and the outcome of said desire can be seen ahead of her. She is all things waiting, pondering, desiring but not yet actually taking action to get there, forming the plans perhaps with 16 nearby before that action is taken.


29. Prison/ 29. Gefängnis

29. Prison, an accident. A family secret will be revealed. These are the traditional instructions for this card. It is a stop card at its finest with the Querent being stuck and restrained and perhaps isolated by this prison. When a building card it is a huge "campus" type structure. Imagine life in prison and the constraints that puts on your actions.

30. Court Official / 30. Gerichtsperson

30. Court Official is a connector card, connecting the storyline into a process. Look to the cards flanking this card to find out what is combined in this process. It can be anything that is at its core a dispute, whether that be discussions with the local cable company or seeking advice on a legal situation. Traditionally shows sad tidings when close to the MCs.


31. Short Illness - 32. Sorrow

31. Illness / 31. Kurze Krankheit

31. Illness can show illness of all kinds, it is only a long illness when negative cards are joining. It is a connector cards and it connects the two flanking cards in a "down patch". Yes this could be illness, but refer back to context, if it is a work question it could mean a down patch at work not an actual illness.

32. Sorrow / 32. Kummer und Widerwärtigkeiten

32. Sorrow is stress and unpleasantness. I love the illustration on this card, traditionally when this card lays near to the MCs, it will have a favourable outcome if any of the follow cards are close by 5, 6, 7, 15, 26. This means that the cards listed can negate the stress involved with this card. Sorrow doesn't have to be deepest despair, it can also be every day stressed chicken scenario.


33. Gloomy Thoughts 34. Work Kipper Cards

33. Gloomy Thoughts / 33. Trübe Gedanken

33. Gloomy Thoughts needs 26 nearby to lessen the blow. If card 26 is nearby Happiness will blossom, if it is far away one will experience demoralisation and misery. 33 is a real facepalm card and we can see where the gloom stems from by checking the card behind her back (on the right in this deck) and then checking what the gloom then effects on the left hand side.

34. Work / 34. Arbeit, Beschäftigung

34. Work and preoccupation is the card of effort and anything that takes up a lot of your time and energy. This can be your job, position, employment or a good outcome of a business when laid next to one of the MCs. it can also show sport and exercise depending on the cards around, meaning effort and a bit of elbow grease is needed. A stop card.


35. A Long Way - 36. Hope Great Water Kipper Cards

35. Long Way / 35. Ein Langer Weg

35. Loooooong Way. I love how everybody who I have seen complete a review of this Kipper deck speaks the word "long" as a looooooooooooooooong - because that is what it is. Time, distance, spatial longness, anything long long long long. The beginning of the long way can be seen beneath the card and the outcome of this long distance, time etc is the card to the right where the road ends. Traditionally "​This card always means a long way, great distance."

36. Hope Great Water / 36. Die Hoffnung, großes Wasser

36. Hope, Great Water traditionally means "hope will turn to Joy, happiness and blessing in great abundance if Card 26 lays nearby, also news from a distant land or a journey over the sea". We can see wish fulfilment and finally get to where we want to be with this card, the end goal if you like where you reap everything that you have worked towards to date, especially with 26 nearby. It can also mean dependancy including addictions. A stop card.


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Most importantly - Enjoy your Kipper Journey!

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