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Box Spreads - Lenormand & Kipper

We have a lot of readers who say they have trouble with the box spread in either Lenormand or Kipper. When we ask them to provide an example of their reads, it is clear that technique is really weighing them down. Rows / Columns / Combinations / Focus / Timing and with some readers even adding Knighting and Mirroring into the mix the overall theme of the read is lost to a lot of mixed words rather than a narrative read or storytelling read.

The good news is - you can ditch it all!

Not a popular stance for some readers, but the techniques listed above are playing card cartomancy techniques that technically are not needed to provide a fluent and "hit the nail on the head" read.

All you need is an eye for analysis and a questioning mind.

  • Why did the cards fall in that pattern?

  • Why is the significator not present?

  • Why is the theme significator sitting at the bottom?

  • and .... how are the cards reacting with one another?

What does that mean?

The Lenormand deck in particular has a cluster rule of thumb. If your theme is work and you get a cluster of work type cards (Ship / Moon / Anchor for example) question how they are interspersed, do we see a whole lot of sales coming in with Ship / Anchor being close to one another with other cards to suggest growth (Sun is the growth card if you didn't know!) or in a relationship read, what does it mean if you have a cluster including Heart / Lily / Woman but Ring / Man are missing?

Similarly in Kipper, if we have Marriage present in a love read, but see no Good Outcome in Love - what does this tell you!?

If you are stuck in your reads and don't feel you can nail a theme or that your answer is a little "lame" or "general" or "wide of the mark" then take a step backwards and consider what did present, what didn't present and WHERE they presented!

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