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Over a year ago, Carrie Paris and I started making plans for a Kipper deck that would play well with the out-of-print Sirens’ Song Lenormand. During that time we created what can best be described as a cousin to the Sirens’ Song. We also brought in the brilliant editing skills of Tina Hardt who created a beautiful learning environment for those who have yet to swim with a Kipper deck. We are so happy to be launching the re-release of the Sirens’ Song Lenormand with her Kipper cousin the end of this month. Our only challenge is finding a fitting name for our Kipper so we’ve decided to ask for your help in naming this seaworthy deck. Whoever comes up with the wining name will receive not one, but 3 copies of the Sirens’ Song Lenormand, her Kipper cousin and their companion reading cloths. We will select our winner in 2 weeks. Have at it diviners and many thanks for participating!

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